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I have posted my new full-length play Crusade to the New Play Exchange.

Crusade is an overtly political play. It warns of the threat America faces from Christian fundamentalism, while affirming humanist values like sacrifice and basic decency.

It is the not-to-distant future. The takeover of the federal government by Christian fundamentalists, and their assault on the Constitution, has led to civil war between opposing elements of the U.S. military. On reconnaissance patrol in the Rocky Mountains, an Army squad is forced to take cover in an isolated cabin owned by a former professor who now wants only to be left alone. The four members of the squad each have their own reason for being part of the anti-Christian resistance, including the squad’s female member, an expert sniper on a personal mission of vengeance.

Stylistically, Crusade heightens the traditional war drama through the use of sound, lighting, language, and physical action in a “total theatre” effort to confront the audience with the reality of violence and the danger of extremism.

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