New One-Act Play Available: QUARANTINE

Here’s a synopsis:


Logline: A fast-paced drama based on the legend of the Black Syphilis during Vietnam.

Action of the Play: A reporter and a photographer, burnt-out by the war and returning home to the U.S., are forced down on an unknown island in the western Pacific, the site of a secret Army facility. There, a conscience-stricken young officer leads them to discover the island’s terrible truth – a truth the Army does not want revealed.

Location & Time: A small island in the western Pacific during the Vietnam War.

Cast: 7M. Due to the time period and the content of the play, all roles should be played by males.

Production Requirements: Minimal props. Most scenes created by lighting effects.

Estimated running time: 30 minutes.

Outstanding Anthology

Esteemed theatre professor William W. Demastes is publishing a three-volume set of monologues from American plays through Applause Books. Volume 2 was recently released and I’m honored he included a monologue from “Advice to the Players.” There’s some wonderful theatre writing here for both actors to study and casual readers to enjoy. Click on the cover to get a copy.



My Agent

My agent keeps telling me to stop caring if what I write has literary value, and just put out something that will sell. But that worries me. I don’t have an agent.



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